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Tile Products

Wood and Metal Tile Products are perfect for displaying your tile artwork elegantly and inexpensively. No matter what your budget or taste, Aftosa offers incredible design opportunities with Wood and Metal Tile Products. Because of easy tile installation, you’ll be able to create refined pieces that will wow and impress. Aftosa’s Wood Tile Products come in different finishes like: Alderwood, Black, Rosewood, Walnut, and unfinished. Aftosa’s Metal Tile Products come in strong and sturdy black iron.

Aftosa offers Wood and Metal Tile Frames, Wood Tile Boxes, Wood Tile Trays, and Metal Tile Furniture. Aftosa’s Wood and Metal Tile Products provide the perfect backdrop to a store bought or hand painted tile in sizes 2”, 4 ¼”, 6”, 6”x8”, and 8”. You will be able to create unique products that stand out.

Aftosa’s Wood and Metal Tile Products are incredibly affordable and they ship for free.*