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Mayco Stoneware


Mayco’s Stoneware Glaze Assortment includes Opals, Ices, and Washes and offers a variety of finishes, texture and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. These glazes are known for their consistency of performance and control of movement. They are designed to perform from cones 5-10, in oxidation or reduction firing of a midrange stoneware clay body of choice.  Amazing results can be had by pairing with other Mayco glazes.  All except Stoneware Washes are available in Pint sizes or 5 lb. or 25 lb. dry mixes by special order. Stoneware Washes are highly concentrated and only available in 4 oz. jars.

Stoneware Glazes: 52 choices

Stoneware Ice Glazes are translucent in design, based on the Celadon aesthetic in pottery.  Use these elegant glazes on heavily textured surfaces, over slips, with Underglazes or in combinations.

Stoneware Opals offer bright, pastel shades that will change in opacity and depth of color with each layer applied

Stoneware Washes can be used alone as a body stain or surface treatment or used over or under another glaze-ideal for image transfer techniques and line work. Washes are highly concentrated and only available in 4 oz. jars. Fire from cone 06 - 10.

Stoneware Clear adds a brilliant clear smooth gloss to your work and can also be applied to dry green ware for a single firing. Stoneware Matte Clear fires to a satin matte finish and is perfect for layering techniques and slip or when Underglazes are used. Stoneware Crackle Matte Clear is for mid range firing temperatures where a fine crackle pattern will develop with three coats. Fire to cone 5/6, crackle pattern may not develop at higher temperatures.

Mayco Flux is the new Stoneware Specialty product that enhances Mayco Stoneware glazes by increasing movement during the firing, creating unique reactions with stunning effects.
Mayco Flux enhances movement to promote reactions with unique effects. Can be applied on top or underneath Mayco Stoneware glazes. Designed to fire to cone 5/6; can be fired to cone 9/10 in oxidation or reduction for additional movement.

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