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Mayco Pottery Cascade

Mayco Pottery Cascade

Pottery Cascades are non-toxic, free flowing glazes used to produce special effects or flow patterns when used in combination with other non-toxic glazes. Pottery Cascades will intermingle with glazes with which they are combined and produce dynamic blending and effects. Cascades glazes are not intended to be used alone.

Pottery Cascade glazes were designed to mature at a shelf cone 06. Make sure the glaze has dried throughly prior to firing.

White Cascade has a minimum movement and will stay in the pattern that you apply it in. It intermingles with other glazes being used, introducing pure white to the color being used.

Clear Cascade produces a flowing effect and allows the color of the base glaze to show through. It can also alter your original color, creating a new color. it will form runs or you can direct the runs when you apply the product.

Use Pottery Cascade as a flux with Elements to create movement in the colors. Add it under, over or in-between Elements or Element Chunkies.

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