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Our Newsletter

Be Featured on Aftosa

We would love to feature your artwork on Aftosa.

In addition to being featured on Aftosa's website, your artwork can be found on Aftosa's:

• Monthly Newsletter

• Facebook Page

• Pinterest

• Google+

• Twitter

• Print Material - postcards, posters, flyers, etc.*

• Web Product Samples: Applies if Aftosa products were used in creating your piece.* 

• There will be a link to your website, Etsy page, blog, or Facebook page.


Here's how it works:

By Email:

• Send up to 8 images. Titles are optional

• Include short bio. Up to 8 sentences. Please note: bio may be shortened if necessary. 

• Link to: website, Facebook, blog or Etsy page (It's okay if none of these apply, we will be happy to post your bio and 8 images on Aftosa.com)

• Put "Aftosa Gallery - Your Name" in the subject field

Please Note: If images are too large (Send only to 300dpi), you may need to send multiple emails.

Email images, bios, links to yan@aftosa.com

Once an Featured Artist is chosen, Aftosa will notify you and you will receive an email with links where you can find your artwork.

*By sending Aftosa the requested information, you will be agreeing to allow Aftosa to use your artwork in future promotional material in addition to being a Featured Artist. Your name and/or company's name will always be used unless otherwise indicated when sending artwork. Not every use of your artwork will be sent to you as a sample, however, you will receive an email with information on how it will be used and you will be able to view its use on Aftosa's website. By sending your artwork and/or bio you are granting Aftosa the right to print, mail, email, post, repost, and pin your artwork. Your artwork will never be used other than the ways stated on this page. Your personal information will not be used, only the Artwork title, artist name, artist bio and link to website will be used. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact Aftosa at 800.231.0397.

*If you have used any of Aftosa's products in creating your artwork, we would love to use it on our product description pages. Your name and artwork title will be used. There will not be any links to your websites or social media pages, however your artwork that is used in the product description may be used on Aftosa's social media pages.